Red Rocks Amphitheatre (2024)

Red Rocks Amphitheatre (1)

Red Rocks Amphitheatre needs no introduction, yet this iconic outdoor venue hosts much more than concerts alone. Yoga classes, fitness training and film events take place here throughout the year – truly making Red Rocks Amphitheatre an unmissable stop on any musical tour of Colorado!

Design by Denver architect Burnham Hoyt, this amphitheater was constructed through the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Projects Administration programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. Construction took over 12 years.


Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, one of Denver Mountain Park’s jewels, draws concertgoers, music history fans, outdoor exercise enthusiasts and fitness buffs from all walks. Renowned for its 300-foot sandstone monoliths Creation Rock and Ship Rock that provide an extraordinary acoustic experience while its location provides incredible panoramic views of Denver city center. Furthermore, this venue hosts a visitor center, trading post, two music Halls of Fame and self-guided tours – this legendary site offers something special!

Concerts are the main draw to this iconic open-air space that serves as a bucket list item for musicians and music fans. Its steep pitch and picturesque views create a one-of-a-kind venue to catch shows; sound quality can even reach up to the top tier (though windy nights may diminish this); finding good seats shouldn’t be difficult (general admission areas can get tight when popular bands play though!).

My Morning Jacket will return to Red Rocks Amphitheater this summer for two shows, known for their energetic live performances with Joe Bonamassa often performing Hendrix-esque guitar solos. Recently during “Pain and Sorrow,” his amp went out but still managed to keep audiences entertained while techs scrambled to restore full power again.

Red Rocks hosts musical acts, comedians and film screenings of all kinds throughout the year. Each summer brings Film on the Rocks featuring classic movies set against its towering red rocks and ever-evolving Rocky Mountain skies; an ideal opportunity to both take in a film while listening to a live concert!

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame, created in 2011 to recognize Colorado’s long musical history, now resides at this venue. Since moving from 1stBank Center to Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2014 and continuing to grow their collections. They honor everything from John Denver and contemporary artists such as Drake.

There’s something magical and timeless about an amphitheater’s natural setting, making you feel as if it has always existed. When visiting it’s worthwhile taking advantage of all its natural splendor with a hike through or picnic on one of its surrounding trails to fully appreciate all its wonder and magnificence.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre is widely revered for its music performances, yet also offers serenity and health to those in search of inner calm and balance. On a summer Saturday morning, its peaceful environs become filled with the sound of yoga mats being unrolled as over 2000 participants come out with yoga mats in tow to fill its hallowed spaces – creating what can only be described as an audible vibration of peace throughout Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Classes at this amphitheater are beginner-friendly, and instructors provide modifications that meet participants’ individual needs. Its picturesque backdrop of Rocky Mountains makes this class truly special, while meditation and breathing exercises help participants connect more deeply to nature while increasing mindfulness and building resilience. Although at high altitude, amphitheater practice can be challenging but fresh air helps recharge and revitalize minds during class sessions.

After their class, guests can relax with a picnic and take in all that the park offers. Classes run from 7-8am on eight weekends throughout summer and those attending should bring along their yoga mat and water bottle – the classes have limited spots so visitors should arrive early to guarantee themselves one.

Additionally, attendees should bring a water bottle, towel and sunscreen/sunglasses depending on weather conditions. Furthermore, appropriate clothing and shoes for yoga classes should also be brought.

Yoga on the Rocks takes place every weekend during June and July and tickets must be purchased in advance. As this event takes place rain or shine, participants should come prepared for unpredictable Colorado weather conditions.

Attendees of Red Rocks events can use the official Red Rocks app to access digital tickets and avoid waiting in line at the box office. You can use it to scan in and out, purchase, sell, transfer tickets as well as connect with fellow fans at events – making Yoga on the Rocks extra enjoyable! Download it before attending and experience its benefits first hand.

Film on the Rocks

Red Rocks Park is widely known for being a premier music venue; however, this summer the iconic park will also host its 24th season of Film on the Rocks with Denver Film and Denver Arts & Venues bringing some of the best movies, culture and experiences from around the globe into one unparalleled cinematic experience.

Red Rocks Amphitheater, one of the world’s premier natural amphitheaters, has played host to musical icons from around the globe such as The Beatles in 1964, Rolling Stones in 1978 and U2’s career-making concert video shoot in 1983. A truly incredible place, Red Rocks must be experienced first-hand to appreciate all it offers.

At concerts, the unique setting enriches the fan experience as they cheer and sing along to their favorite artists. Not only are the acoustics phenomenal but geological formations create a breathtaking visual backdrop for performers – as does its secret tunnel that musicians use to get from backstage to stage quickly – many performers have even signed their names on its walls!

Before shows start, people often gather in the parking lot to tailgate. This is an enjoyable way to meet other concertgoers while enjoying food, drinks and company. Local restaurants include offering charcuterie boards to go, sandwiches and pizza as options; remembering that this venue sits at 6,450 feet, so staying hydrated and wearing comfortable footwear are essential components of a safe visit.

This year’s film series will include both recent blockbusters as well as classics. Starting off the season will be Raiders of the Lost Ark and ending it off with Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; musical openers will include recent OpenAir Sessions guests Stelth Ulvang and Wildermiss.

2021’s season will feature films shown both through drive-in and amphitheater venues. Drive-in screenings were introduced last year after COVID-19 vaccination rates improved significantly, offering patrons another way to experience movies at their leisure.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado stands as an iconic open-air amphitheater that’s like no other. Over its 100+ year history, this natural venue has drawn music lovers and performers from around the globe; its signature rock formations provide seamless acoustics for unforgettable concerts.

Be sure to bring along a jacket and sunscreen when attending shows at this legendary amphitheater, since its higher elevation can make for cool nights with stairs for concertgoers to navigate. Furthermore, its windy environment requires that an umbrella and hat also be brought.

As with any event, arriving early is key for securing a parking space close to the entrance and avoiding long wait times on concert night. Parking lots open two hours prior to show start time – plan accordingly as these lots often fill quickly on concert nights! Keep in mind that parking is free but that it may become congested due to its popularity with out of town visitors.

No matter if you are local or visiting for the first time, parking at either of the upper north or south lots and walking towards the amphitheater is the optimal way to experience this venue. Ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber are also readily available at both of these lots.

This season, Gallery has installed custom food kiosks at the amphitheater to make getting food or drinks faster and easier. Each cart features multiple windows to help prevent theft while still giving people views of the stage.

This year, the amphitheater’s bag policy has become stricter; only clear bags or those with one pocket (such as small purses) are permitted into the venue; those carrying backpacks must use a luggage storage service such as Bounce before entering.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre (2024)
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