Taryn Manning Says She Went 'Fully Method' for 'Racist, hom*ophobic' OITNB Role (2024)

Taryn Manning says she had to go “method” in order to play inmate Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 40-year-old actress — who has starred as Pennsatucky since season 1— agreed that the character is “racist, hom*ophobic” and “horrible.”

“Everything that I’m not is what she was, so it was very tough,” Manning explained.

“I gave myself a lot of pep talks: ‘Just muscle through this and you’re going to come out the other side. But if you’re going to do this, do it well,'” she continued. “So, I didn’t make many friends that first season. I isolated myself.”

“‘She wouldn’t talk to them anyway, she doesn’t like them,'” Manning explained of her thoughts at the time. “As they all got along and had a great time, I was sitting over on the side in character like, ‘Screw them.’ That’s when I realized that I was a little bit more method than I thought.”

“I thought that I could snap in and out,” the actress added. “But to go to that dark of a place and to own it, to convince people that this is truly how she is, it had to be fully method. Taryn went bye. It was all this girl that I created.”

Manning then said she thought she’d “be assassinated” for playing the role of Pennsatucky.

“She’s such a horrible person!” the actress said. “But when it first came out, I will never forget. I was with Lea [DeLaria, an OITNB costar] in New York the day after and it was like the Beatles were walking down the street. Girls screaming and crying and wanting a hug. I’ve never hugged so many people in my life. … People just relate to this show on such another level.”

OITNB’s Taryn Manning Apologizes, Says Her Instagram Was ‘Epically Hacked’ After Emotional Post

The actress also shared that she’s learned “so much” from her time on OITNB.

“I learned so much from that role, it changed my life,” Manning said. “I became very, very religious … And I’ve said ‘no’ to about six roles that I’ve been offered since [that are similar]. I definitely need to work, but I can’t continue to play awful people or stereotypes. It just doesn’t resonate with me … I’m a good person and not this horrible person that people want to send me roles for; I don’t want to play it anymore. It’s exhausting and it hurts.”

Taryn Manning Says She Went 'Fully Method' for 'Racist, hom*ophobic' OITNB Role (2)

On Sunday, Manning claimed that her Instagram account was hacked after she shared a post seemingly slamming the show and her costars.

“My account was so epically hacked. I am back in and I am sorry,” the 8 Mile actress explained alongside a photo from OITNB, one day after sharing a post that claimed the show “hurt me more than anything has in my life” and accused her castmates of not caring about her.

OITNB‘s Taryn Manning Says ‘Not One Cast Member Cares About Me’: ‘This Show Hurt Me So Bad’

The since-deleted post did not mention OITNB by name, but seemingly referred to the series multiple times.

“This show hurt me more than anything has in my life and if this is what I have to do to push what I stand for I will,” the post read. “I have to speak out before anything happens to me. F— fame! This show hurts humans. You will never truly know but many were hurt!”

Taryn Manning Says She Went 'Fully Method' for 'Racist, hom*ophobic' OITNB Role (3)

“I do not need to ever work again in this town. I’ve been dropped by everyone for having a backbone. I was dropped because a person terrorizes me daily and them too. So my team, they just turn away. Like a car accident. Rubber neck but don’t help. F— show biz. A disgrace,” it continued.

The message concluded with, “Not one cast member cares about me. Just watch.”

Lori Petty, one of Manning’s OITNB costars, commented on her now-deleted post, leaving three heart emojis and writing, “Hey. I love you.”

“Thx bubs I know you do,” a response from Manning’s account read. “And I love you. I am giving up everything to speak on how awful this career is and how awful we are treated. How I never knew if I was coming back yet I had seven optional seasons. How I didn’t even know how to plan my life, organize anything cause everything was a secret. Self serving bulls—, for whatever sick agenda. How some of the most dear characters were just not there anymore. My pals. F— this show. This show hurt me so bad.”

Taryn Manning Says She Went 'Fully Method' for 'Racist, hom*ophobic' OITNB Role (2024)


What did Taryn Manning say about the Oitnb cast? ›

“This show hurt me more than anything has in my life and if this is what I have to do to push what I stand for I will,” Manning wrote, per People. “Not one cast member cares about me. Just watch. No one cares to help so I am dedicated to learning how to make a difference.”

Is Tiffany Doggett based on a real person? ›

Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett is a fictional character in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, portrayed by Taryn Manning. Manning was offered the role without needing to audition.

Why is she called Pennsatucky? ›

The nickname "Pennsatucky" comes from a region in Appalachia where Doggett is from, called Pennsyltucky. The abortion clinic that Doggett visits is located in Fishersville, Virginia, suggesting that she is from the area.

How many abortions did Pennsatucky have? ›

She asks her boyfriend for a ride to the clinic, but he says he is busy. After Pennsatucky has her fifth abortion, a clinic staff member makes a snarky comment about giving her a punch card so she can have a sixth abortion for free.

Who is nonbinary in Orange Is the New Black? ›

Asia Kate Dillon (born November 15, 1984) is an American actor. They are known for their roles as Brandy Epps in Orange Is the New Black and Taylor Mason in Billions. Dillon identifies as non-binary and uses singular they pronouns.

Why is Norma mute on Orange Is the New Black? ›

It turns out that Norma isn't really mute, she just has a debilitating stutter that keeps her from speaking. She was also in a cult and in love with the one man who promised her she didn't need to speak around him.

Who was the real Alex Vause? ›

Inspiration. The character of Alex Vause is loosely based on Catherine Cleary Wolters, ex-girlfriend of Piper Kerman, the author of Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison and an executive consultant on the series.

Who is Taystee based on? ›

Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson is the secondary protagonist of Orange is the New Black, serving as the main protagonist of Season Two, Five and Seven. She is portrayed by Danielle Brooks. Taystee is based off the character "Delicious" from Piper Kerman's Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison.

Is Pennsatucky wearing a wig? ›

For the actor, who found out about Pennsatucky's Season 3 storyline during a wig fitting before filming began, it was a huge surprise, but one she looked forward to tackling. "It was definitely shocking," Manning said.

Why was Pennsatucky killed off? ›

She was convinced she had failed, and life had cheated her once again. In her grief, she took her own life by overdose. What was more devastating was that Pennsatucky had passed her test. She was later found by a distraught Taystee, who was sickened by seeing yet another life taken by the broken prison system.

What happened to Pennsatucky's teeth? ›

If Pennsatucky ever gets out of poverty, it will be thanks in part to a prison-yard fight in the season-one finale, when the upper-class protagonist knocks out her nasty grill; early in the second season, her rotten gums nearly toothless, she blackmails the warden into a new set of teeth.

What is the story behind Doggett in Orange is the new black? ›

Doggett is depicted as a promiscuous drug addict from a dirt poor family in the Appalachian Mountains - hence her nickname. She claims her reasoning for her fifth abortion was due to her cousin being arrested for having a baby while continuing drug use.

What happens to Soso in Orange Is the New Black? ›

After becoming depressed, Soso goes to the medical facility to get anti-depressants. She ends up stealing a lot of Benadryl in order to attempt suicide through an overdose. Poussey finds her passed out in the library, and takes her to the bathroom to make her throw up the pills.

Did Piper really beat up Pennsatucky? ›

First, Alex confesses that she's not holding a grudge about what happened, and they share a Moment. Then Alex confirms: No, Piper did not kill Pennsatucky. She beat her up pretty good, but she's alive. Piper almost dissolves into tears out of relief.

What happened to Gloria in Orange Is the New Black? ›

In the finale, Gloria is released from prison and quickly gets her life back on track. Good for Gloria! She gets released from prison (in episode six) and starts on a new path, reconnecting with her mother and daughter, Monica (who has grown up believing that Cindy is her sister), played by Donshea Hopkins.

What is Poussey's sentence in Orange Is the New Black? ›

Sentence: Unknown. Name: Poussey Washington. Offense: Trespassing and Possession Of Marijuana With Intent To Distribute. Sentence: Served 2 years.

What happened to the guard that got the girl pregnant on Orange Is the New Black? ›

John Bennett unexpectedly left Orange Is the New Black in season 3, leaving fans shocked. His character quit his job and left Daya after witnessing the kind of life their child would have with her mother's boyfriend.

Why did Taryn Manning go to court? ›

Actress Taryn Manning is suing a production company formed by the late director John Singleton, saying she is owed contingent compensation from Hustle & Flow, the 2005 film she appeared in. Singleton co-produced the picture.

Does Taryn Manning sing in the last episode of Orange Is the New Black? ›

In a truly emotional turn of events, Manning sings an a capella version of her own original song, "Chains," after Pennsatucky's death while we watch Litchfield's resident GED instructor, Taystee (Danielle Brooks) — who is also considering taking her life — open an envelope to find the deceased inmate's new diploma.

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